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                                                       Fractional DS1 Service

Fractional T1 is the combination of one or more of the 24 (64 Kbps each) channels which make up a full T1 line. The most popular fractional T1 packages range between 128 kbps to 768 kbps. Fractional T1 lines are less expensive, but as the name infers, have a fraction of the capacity of a full T1 line. Because fractional T1 has the advantage of being repeater driven, it is far more available than DSL. Fractional T1 is available to virtually all businesses in the US. Another advantage of fractional T1 is that it is far more stable and reliable than DSL, and is often provided with a service level agreement which guarantee its reliability. For these reasons, fractional T1 is most popular with small businesses for which it is essential to have a very reliable communications line, and/or which need high speed internet but are beyond the reach of DSL. Fractional T1 lines are commonly confused with burstable T1 and integrated T1 (can provide multiple services over one T1 line), but actually have different capabilities. Integrated T1 can be provided over a fractional t1 circuit for business which do not have the need or budget for full integrated T1. For example, a half of a T1, 768 k can carry any combination of twelve channels of voice or internet service. It is important to note however, that because a provider must install a full t1, then block channels to cut it back to the desired fractional service, that fractional T1 prices, are not proportional to full T1 prices. Fractional T1 service at 768 k and above is often nearly as expensive, or at times more expensive than full T1.  

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